Pets en Voyage launched in 2011 and it has been quite a pawsical ride!

Here are some highlights:

Pet Fashion TV, Canada:


Pets en Voyage was featured in the poster for the Fashion Institute of Technology’s (FIT) Pet Product Design and Marketing Certificate Program

FIT poster



Fidose of Reality blogger, Carol Bryant, named Abby Kass, Founder and Designer of Pets en Voyage, One of 10 “Paw-er” Women of the pet industry in September, 2011.


News 12 Connecticut TV’s “Pet Talk”- Carol Bryant, interviewed by Lauren Collier, featured the Les Pets en Voyage NYC Rain Poncho to Pouch as a great gift for people who love to travel and love their pets! (Air date: July 3, 2011)

The Pre-Westminster Fashion Show and Gala
February 11, 2011
Hotel Pennsylvania, NYC
The official launch of Pets en Voyage!