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Welcome to Les Pets en Voyage!

Who are Les Pets en Voyage? They are the furriends who take pawsical travels with you, or that you miss during your own travels. They are the furriends of your human buddies. Just like humans like travel souvenirs, so do pets our pets! If they are with you, they want to remember their favorite sights. If they aren’t with you, they want to know what they missed (and make you feel guilty about it, too!)  If you want a souvenir for a pet or pet lover, and you don’t want to grab the nearest magnet or pen at the airport, opt for a practical gift that shows you really care!

Right now the collection features NYC icons, since that’s where the company founder is from and lives. How fortunate that it is a top tourist destination!!  New collections are in the works. If there are places you would like to see represented, please share your ideas!

Be sure to check out the gallery to see some real cuties sporting their NYC Pets en Voyage finest!

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