About Les Pets en Voyage®

Traveling and shopping are two of my favorite things.  Finding perfect souvenirs for my family and friends is a goal and a rush when it happens. I come from a family of dog owners and lovers- Schnauzers in particular, so it seemed perfectly natural for me to bring a souvenir for our dogs, too.  Not just a toy, but a souvenir. I did not find them.

I remember bringing home a squeaky snowman from Harrods for Windy. There was nothing that shouted “London” in a snowman. I could have gotten it around the corner from my home. But, I did not want to go home empty-handed. I missed Windy when I was away!

Think about the many times have you wound up in the airport having forgotten to get a gift for someone, and you end up buying the meaningless box of chocolates with pictures of the travel destinations.  Then there are the times that you want to bring a souvenir to people but you can’t find anything that is practical and unique.

That is the story of Les Pets en Voyage®- souvenirs just for pets.

  • Show your own pets you thought of them when you traveled without them.
  • Relive your own travel memories while your pet enjoys the souvenirs.
  • Bring a practical but pawsical souvenir and gift for pet lovers that they will really use.
  • Let your traveling pet have its own souvenir.

My line begins with NYC souvenirs because it is the city where I live and the city that I know best.  Museums, Times Square, shopping, theater, parks, skyscrapers-  this city has it all!  Custom fabric features icons that immediately conjure images of NYC!

More travel destinations soon to come.  And, feel free to make suggestions!

Thank you for visiting. Please travel back soon for new product information and special offers.